The Twelve. Reformed. Done Daily.

Being a theologian means looking for, interpreting, and participating in God’s communion-creating love all around us–and often discovering it in ordinary as well as unexpected places. As one of regular bloggers for The Twelve: Reformed Done Daily, I reflect on popular TV shows and movies, political events, church squabbles, and the ins-and-outs of faith in daily life, so that we might know more fully God’s compassionate care for all.

Faith in Daily Life

Living Well and Faithfully in the Midst of Institutional Upheaval

Rooted and Grounded in Love (for Valentine’s Day)

Awakening Longing in Advent

The Theater of Thanksgiving

Desperately Grasping for Security

Into the Darkness: Waiting for Transformation

The Problem with Certitude

Sex in the News, the Pews, and Malls: Down the Slippery Slope We Go

Lament in Advent: Festivus is not just for the Rest of Us

Thankfulness: An Attempt to Avoid the Trite, Cliche, and Boring

Theology for Today

Gesthemane’s Reversal of Eden

The Listening God

The Beauty and Mystery of Marriage

Reflections on Vocation (Part 3): The Communion-Creating Work of Love

Reflections on Vocation (Part 2): Unhinging Vocation and Job, Rethinking Work

Reflections on Vocation (Part 1): Is it a Meaningless Theological Construct?

Church and Seminary Life

Transforming Church Conflict (Part 2)

Transforming Church Conflict (Part 1)

The Insidiousness of Uniformity

Living Well and Faithfully in the Midst of Institutional Upheaval (when seminaries and colleges experience decline, disorganization, chaos)

Real Worship

Celebrating Courage and Care (church leaders who make a difference)

A Response to General Assembly: Can We Tame our Tongues? (another plea for civil discourse in the Presbyterian Church)

Empathetic Leadership: A New Way of Heading into General Assembly (a plea for civil discourse in the Presbyterian Church)

Deifying Rape (Reflections on Preaching Gone Bad)

A Living Theology, A Living Seminary, A Living God (The perils and promises of seminary education)

National Events and Politics

Christmas Still Comes (Response to the Newtown, CT shooting)

So What’s the Big Deal About Binders?! (Response to Mitt Romney’s comments on somen)

The Sandusky Sentence: Is this Justice? (After the Penn State football coach was convicted)

Another Devastating Flood (New Orleans pounded by another storm)

Thou Shalt Not Create Enemy Images: Christian Life and Presidential Politics

Paterno’s Millstone: A Wake-Up Call for Churches, Communities, Schools (After Penn State Football coach was arrested on sex abuse charges)

Sports, Movies, TV

Hope Lives . . . Even in the Midst of a Zombie Apocalypse (The Walking Dead)

Third-Rate Referees: An Invitation to Embrace our Humanity (after a really, really bad call on Monday night football)

Girls, Mad Men, Game of Thrones

Everyone and Everything is Connected (Jeff, Who Lives at Home)